The following is the vision, or the condensed end game in practical terms on what this project is setting out to achieve.

The Lume Web Project aims to provide five main functions as part of its vision:


Enabling users to easily access Web 3 websites and applications via a browser extension, as well as on android and iOS with the same level of decentralization.

  • Lume Web uses Skynet Portals, and dedicated relays for looking up domains, run by community members, to ensure that access to Web 3 sites remain trustless and decentralized.
  • Additional web3 tools will enable users to navigate the Web3 internet more easily, and then the wider crypto community.


Enabling users to access a community-driven resource hub for Web 3 technology.

  • Lume Web will build community-made educational resources for various parts of Web3 and Crypto that are neutral and openly created for the novice computer user.
  • This includes but is not limited to:
    • Web 3 and how your data is stored and secured
    • Understanding bitcoin, how to use it, and how to stay safe
    • Understanding cryptocurrencies, what they are, how to use them and stay safe

Data Drive


  • Enabling users to access a decentralized private storage drive usable on all web services.
    • Lume Web will provide users general-purpose personal storage, similar to google drive, S3 storage, or a network drive, but decentralized and censorship-resistant. With it, anyone will be able to use and integrate with any Web 3 application, or desktop application.


  • Enabling use of a public drive to share data or access the drives of others by their public key identity or domain.
    • The goal is to use domain systems to point to web3 identities which can link directly with someone’s web3 domain.


Lume Web’s goal is to bring web publishing to Web3 and enable you to build websites from your computer without technical skill or needing to be a geek.

  • To that end, website building software is needed for Web3 publishing and can use existing web technologies to do so.

Earn a Living

Enabling users to utilize a simple means of decentralized payment for uploading and accessing content on Web 3 websites and applications.

  • Lume Web will integrate with the Skynet Token blockchain to provide users with a decentralized monetization method for spending and receiving money on all content. 
  • Users will be able to earn a living (mortgage, food, etc) with the data they upload on Skynet and Lume Web as a content creator and no longer be afraid of the anvil of getting de-platformed.
  • This will eventually include (when apps are created by the community), things such as blogs, news sites, video content, live streamers, and niche content.

As a side note, you can also be assured that this project will be transparent in what it does and how it operates as it is for the community and, I (Derrick Hammer), do not treat financial or ideological questions as taboo.