Easy access to an open, user-owned web.


Unifying all the Networks

There are many, many "crypto", "defi", "web3", "P2P", and "dWeb" projects that have all taken hundreds of different approaches to innovate. However, they all have the same broad ethos in common, and they all need an easy means to access them in one place, but in a censorship-resistant way.

We have a very ambitious vision, and this requires all "tribes" to work together enough for the benefit of the end user.

Below are some of the ideas we are aiming for, and some we would like to tackle eventually.

Privacy. Ownership.

Decentralized Websites


You should be able to gain access to any website on any network, in a secure and decentralized way

Decentralized Publishing


You should be able to easily publish a blog or any other basic website for personal or professional use

Website Building Tools


You should be able to easily build a website that targets the decentralized web



You should be be able to buy or sell in a free market without censorship or politics blocking your ability to transact

Earn a Living


You should be able to monetize your content or skills, without a middleman or gatekeeper. You should be able to be free to live your best life by having access to an open market so that you are never chained down or restricted

All about the people, no VC here.


Our vision is completely grass roots, and FOSS. The user needs to have a voice and be in control of their web. Due to our principles, we have not taken any VC money that might be able to strap a jetpack to the project, because the output would compromise the spirit and goals we are setting out to achieve.

We are very aware of the projects that have come before us and whom have made similar promises. We are also doing our best to learn from their mistakes and failures.

The key difference that we see big picture is you need both an economy and decentralized/P2P networks, because running the internet is not free, and someone always has to foot the bill.

Blockchain finally makes this possible.

Having a pragmatic view on mass adoption without compromising on principles is needed to make progress on a user-owned web.

Join our community, lend a hand.

Web3 gives people control over their data, privacy, and ownership.