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Powered by the Decentralized Skynet Distribution Network, and the Decentralized Sia Storage Network

Please note that Gitcoin donations benefit the project more during the quarterly funding rounds,
as Gitcoin will match what you donate up to 150%.

** Gitcoin fund matching is active September 7 – September 22, 2022.

Why Should I Donate?

If you think the internet should be free and open, regardless of what people do on it, please consider donating. Lume’s Web3 technologies are free and open source, not proprietary or centralized.  We will never sell user data or put advertisements in our software.

The tools for the new web need to be connected to the existing one so they are accessible for everyday people. The bridge from Web2 to Web3 has to be built by someone. Unfortunately, its cost of creation is not free. Every donation speeds up this building process.

Lume Browser Extension

Easy Access to Web3. With native Handshake (HNS) and Ethereum (ENS) support, you can forget and This is your gateway.

Universal Storage Drive

Stop worrying about being vendor-locked. Remain flexible and reduce your storage costs by 50% or more. Lume is affordable storage on-demand.

Create Decentralized Websites

Harness the new web to publish your blog or business site without technical barriers or censorship. You'll have the power to stay platformed.

The Lume Vision and Ecosystem

The Lume Vision and Ecosystem

 In Romanian, lume means "world." Lume is a new world for your data. Lume means providing users with a world of access, privacy, and purposeful web devices that enhance the utility of the internet.

What is the internet for you? For us, it was always intended to be for users by users. Unfortunately, with growing centralization and commercialization, the common user has traded control for convenience. This critical transfer of power away from users cannot be reversed on today's web infrastructure. Fortunately, a technological breakthrough lets us enter a new age of decentralized internet, where power and control can be restored to the user without a loss of convenience.

Web3 is becoming a reality. This means that people will have more freedom on the internet, such as the freedom of speech and data sovereignty. They will also be protected from aggressive surveillance and be able to freely exchange currency and resources.

Lume wants to make it easy for everyone to use Web3. We provide a bridge between the internet you know and the new web that is just starting to grow. You can use Web3 just like any other website or application. That is what Lume makes possible.  You don't have to worry about your web applications, participation, or content being censored or de-platformed and you can control your data with no backdoors!

Browser Extension Demo

A Web3

Universal Storage Drive

Get access to a universal network drive, powered by the Web3/dWeb cloud. Enjoy portability to any device or platform you wish.

Cloud Productivity, Integrated

Nextcloud & Owncloud

Want cheap private object storage that can be 50%+ or cheaper than AWS, Google, or Digital Ocean? Get Lume Drive integrated into your personal storage box!

Web3 Gateway

Install the Lume Web3 Extension and have a 1-click gateway into the Web3 internet on Opera, Vivaldi, Edge, and Firefox.

Lumeweb spinning-wheel

Build Your Site, Censorship Free

Combining Lume and Skynet technologies, you can build a website just like you are on the Web2 internet.

Website Publishing, Decentralized, Democratized

Take your existing site, and put it on Skynet using Lume. Get the benefits of the upcoming Skynet monetization to get a greater revenue stream and more profits for your web services.

Why Does Web3 Matter?

To understand why Web3 matters, you have to understand what the web is!

Web 1.0 and the Web2 revolution

In the beginning was the browser. We had Web 1.0 — and it was a simple, but accessible collection of text, images, and links to digital places called “websites.” It was powerful for its time, but Web 1.0 was only the beginning of the internet. The web was mostly static content shared in read-only format. Complex applications and websites did not yet exist.

Web 2 came along, and it added a little bit more to websites by adding forms and interaction. Things came alive. This allowed for people to do things like register on websites, upload content, comment on articles, and even more… Applications had email, chat rooms, news, and instant messaging, marking the start of an even greater internet.

Today, we live in the Web2 age of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and other applications are the major uses of our current internet. These applications all run on your computer or phone without special software. You simply open the website in a browser and login/register there – easy enough for most people to figure out how to do that!


Web3 is Now

The problem is that every resource on the internet costs money to run. In the Web2 world, if you are not paying for the product, then you are the product. Companies sell your personal information to advertisers to reap profit. Some people may not mind this privacy issue as long as it does not directly affect them, but it is directly affecting them. Users should have a choice in whether their data is sold and where their personal information is shared. Web3 is all about giving people more control over the internet.

Right now, your data is stored on someone else’s servers because it is profitable for them to do that. They can copy, migrate, archive, or erase your data as needed for their bottom line. Under Web3 you will be able to control who holds your data and how it is accessed. You can even sell it to advertisers yourself if you so choose!

Have you ever wondered what happens if Facebook disappears? What happens to all your posts and pictures, timeline stories, and shares? Facebook owns your data. They are under no obligation to safekeep your valuable digital possessions for you. Web3 is about shifting the balance back to you — where you are the owner and safekeeper of your own data. You can do with it exactly as you please.

The biggest problem of the current web is that a few giants own the data of everyone else. But most users will be okay with this as long as services on the web remain free or cheap. By building affordable Web3 technologies, Lume is here to close the gaps. Our aim is to assist the transition from Web2 to Web3 as quickly as possible. If you care at all about privacy, security, or ownership… Web3 matters.

Our Team

Right now, this project is being developed by a single person: Derrick Hammer (@pcfreak30). But it could change in the future. We are an independent, pure organization. We have decided not to take money from venture capitalists. Nor do we have a large treasury funding our work. This means that we can only bring on other people if the community agrees that what we are doing is important and good enough.

If you can support this project with a small amount of crypto, or if you became a whale during the last bull run, you can donate to help build the next internet. 😉

All donations will be going to a company called Hammer Technologies LLC in North Carolina. This company was created in early 2019 and Lume is currently a project of the LLC. Unfortunately, at this time, donations are not tax deductible.

NOTE: There is a lot of confusing and misleading information about things like "cryptocurrency", "blockchain technology", "Web3", and "the internet of things." If you are thinking about donating to a project, we encourage you to do your research first. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions that you feel we can or should answer.

Derrick Hammer

Derrick Hammer


He is a web developer, software engineer, system admin, and DevOps engineer with 15+ years of experience as a swiss army knife of these trades. In crypto, he is an investor, miner, and developer. In the past decade he has operated hosting companies, worked with WordPress and done consulting wearing many of these hats. He sees the future of Web3, and is here to realize it.

Our Roadmap

Right now, we have some goals that we want to achieve to move things along. We are flexible about how we do it. A sketch of our roadmap is available below:

Deliver Web3 Browser Extension

Providing a browser extension which resolves Web3 addresses is a simple and direct way to get people on Web3.
We have developed a working prototype but it needs to be polished before we publish it. Our goal is for everyone to be able to get to Web3 with just one click and one extension.

Enable Accounts on

We are working on adding paid plans to our community web portal, This will help us pay for the costs of developing and running the site, as well as providing users with persistent Web3 file storage. Our next step is to add user accounts, which will allow for even more functionality and flexibility for our users.

A beta with anonymous uploads is currently live.

Expand the Lume Compatible Portal Network

Lume-compatible web portals ensure that your Web3 lookups are fast. In the beginning, not every Skynet Portal created will be a Lume compatible portal. Our next step will be to help other community-hosted portals become a part of the Lume network.

Stabilize a Web3 Filesystem

A reliable and universal filesystem is important for the future of Web3. This is because it will be needed to keep your data safe and easy to use. We will be developing a one-size-fits-all virtual hard drive for the internet. After testing, we will add this feature to other languages and platforms.

Polish Nextcloud Integration

Lume will be fully integrated with Nextcloud (and Owncloud) for users who store data on Web2. We will continue to improve and test our integration until it is completely polished.

Evaluate Next Project Goals

There is a lot to do, and it feels like there isn't enough time to do it all. So after our foundational components are working and in place, we will assess where development resources are best put for the future benefit of Web3.

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