Re-defining Web3

Web3 is a term that is often used to describe internet services and products that are flashy and new. However, because this term is often used in scam marketing materials, many users don’t trust it. Lume’s commitment is to assure users, through the development of secure, accessible, and highly functional privacy-oriented technology, that there is more to Web3 than Doge, Shiba, and the Metaverse.

Web3 is about decentralization, security, and people-first technology. It is a fundamental change in the way we use the Internet. Not everyone is happy about this change. Some people say that the new technology is bad because it is disruptive. They say that Web3 is just another place for criminals to do illegal activities or a passing fad that will be forgotten. But they are wrong. We have only witnessed the beginning of a new kind of internet called Web3.

It’s true that most features of Web3 are nothing new. Many applications of the past have had advanced features such as decentralization and privacy. Napster, BitTorrent, Tor, and other applications allowed knowledgable users to participate in distributed networks of peer-to-peer file sharing and data swapping in some privacy for many years before the term “Web3” was ever used to describe them.

Unfortunately, these early Web3 platforms had some big problems that stopped them from being used by most people. First, they didn’t always protect people’s identities or resources. This means that people who used these platforms were more likely to be hurt. Secondly, the people who hosted files and shared data were not properly paid for their resources. They relied on people’s goodwill to run. Finally, it was really hard for common people to use these platforms because the tools for finding things and controlling what you got for content were very different than the ones they used on Web2. They required experts.

Our Vision

We want a web that is easy to use but that is owned by its users. Web2 does not fit this description, but with Lume’s help, Web3 can. We need a new web that is fair and accessible to all, where each user can have a say in its infrastructure. It is important that this new web be compatible with the structure of the present web. This new web must also solve the very real concerns that users have about privacy, anonymity, and decentralized authority.

We want to create technology that is as good or better than what is currently offered on the internet, but that is also fast and scalable. We believe that the internet should be free and open for everyone. We are committed to finding ways to make sure the internet is accessible for everyone without unfairly taxing users.

Our vision of the “next” Internet:

  • End-to-End Encrypted – The new internet encrypts data so that it remains private and secure. This means that users can be confident that their data is safe, even when it is being handled by other people.
  • Censorship-free – On the new internet, there are no central authorities controlling what users can see. Instead, users themselves can choose what content they want to see, without limiting what others do and say.
  • Secure and Redundant – The new internet keeps data safe by replicating it across different hosts in different locations. This way, if something happens to one copy of the data, there are still other copies that are safe.
  • User-Owned – On the new internet, users are rewarded for their contributions and work. This makes it easier for them to participate in the global creative economy.
  • Open & Accessible – With the new internet, logging in is simpler but still secure. This makes it easier for users to migrate from Web2 to Web3.

Why Now?

New and upcoming blockchain technologies can solve many of the problems of Web2. In fact, projects like Skynet and Siacoin provide a basic framework for how data can be accessed securely and transparently. However, these projects need help to be more understandable to regular people and usable by common projects. Lume will bridge this gap by connecting them with technologies that just work!


The following is a demo of the browser extension. It is currently a prototype.

The Challenge

We aim to be the “1-Click” Gateway to Web3.

We are working on prototypes that use multiple decentralized technologies to provide a smooth Web3 experience. However, in order to successfully transition users, Lume needs to develop technologies that are as easy to operate as Facebook and Twitter. Everything we develop must be as simple as “one-click.”

Right now, Lume has only one full-time developer and limited helper staff! We need help from developers, fundraisers, funders, and contributors to bring the new internet to the masses. Please consider how you can assist Lume in its valuable mission.