Data is important. The web runs on data like the world runs on oil. There are many different ways to put your data online, but you need to think about what is best for you. On the current web, most solutions are either very expensive and flexible, or they are dirt cheap but you can’t use them in the way you want.

Lume is creating an online drive that can store everything you need. Lume Drive is general-purpose storage that works on all common operating systems and devices without a complicated setup. It’s accessible from anywhere and, unlike other web services, it doesn’t even require a web browser to operate!

Are you ready for Your Web Drive?

  • Unlimited Storage – Storage space grows as needed with Lume.
  • Fair Costs – Just a few dollars a month can give you significant storage capacity.
  • Easy Setup – One simple install is all that’s required.
  • Available Everywhere – Anywhere where’s there’s internet, there’s Lume.

Lume Drive is still in development. To help it move faster, donations are appreciated.

If you want simple and immediate cloud storage, our fellow community project Vup may also serve your needs. 🙂