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Why should I donate to Lume?

  • You believe the internet should be free and open for everyone, regardless of political beliefs.
  • You want a neutral web accessible to everyday people.
  • You believe your data should be private and secure unless you choose to share it.
  • You want to ensure that you or someone else can’t be censored or “de-platformed.”
  • You think people should have free access to information no matter how they choose to access it.
  • You believe in handling web abuse using legal and social means instead of censorship and restriction.

Every single day you use the Internet, your data is sold to companies to pay for your usage. Help us break the pattern by funding the creation of free and open-source Web3 tools.

How should I donate?

Donate via Gitcoin during funding rounds

When Gitcoin is doing funding rounds, donating through their website will give a matching bonus of up to 150%. This means that your donation will have a bigger impact on the project during this time period.

Donate Cryptocurrency

Donate Fiat

If you are interested in donating through other means, please get in touch with us to discuss. If there is a cryptocurrency you wish to contribute with that we have not listed, please let me know!

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Web3 gives people control over their data, privacy, and ownership.